6810 - Total Shut Down Valve Actuation System

The 6810 TSV system consists of a ball valve, actuator, and module designed to stop the flow during an emergency. The Total Shut Down module controls pneumatic/hydraulic operated valves to meet the various requirements of NFPA 58 and the other facility/ regulatory requirements. The 6810 can be configured to the exact customer shut down specifications due to the modular design. This system can be integrated into a current system or used separately as a new valve/actuation system.

6810 TSV System is coupled with an API 607 approved ball valve and actuator. Systems are available in all standard pressure classes and sizes.

Sizes from 2” to 48” are available. Exclusive features include a thermal element, remote closure cable, relief protection, system regulator, system solenoids, and manifold assembly. Optional accessories include gauges, valve position sensors, 2-year lithium battery, solar panel, manual override, NEMUR and ISO interfaces.

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