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Our Products

Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow valves are in-line valves through which pressurized gas or liquid flows in either direction.

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Check / Vent Valves

Our 3000 Series Check Valves are designed to provide protection in liquid, gas, or vapor services where flow is required in one direction.

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Emergency Shutdown Valves

Emergency Shutdown Valves detect and immediately stop the flow of potentially hazardous materials.

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Relief - TRV / TSV

The most accurate set pressure in the industry with tight tolerances for any valve size

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Diverter / Changeover Valves

A diverter valve, is a valve which can be used to divert the flow of the process media from one source to multiple sources or vice versa.

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Slurry Valves

Slurry valves are designed to stop or re-direct flow, allowing for maintenance or process operations.

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Attenuflow® Rotary Control Valves

The AttenuFlow® RCV G-series and L-series rotary control valves from Total Valve Systems are designed for maximum performance and minimum noise or cavitation.

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Total Valve is excited to introduce our ValvChem-K™ and ValvChem-A™ range of FFKM and FEPM seals for the valve industry.

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Welcome to TVS Engineered Products

Valves Engineered for Industry

Total Valve Systems is proud to announce the creation of the TVS Engineered Products division. Total Valve systems is celebrating almost 40 years of history and strong growth in servicing customers around the globe. Up until this time, our line of manufactured valves has lovingly been called "Custom Valves," but as time has passed, Total Valve has added new products to its line of valves. These newer offerings are more standardized valve products that are no longer custom to an individual application, but are geared towards underserved valve applications. Even with our standardized valve products, TVS Engineered Products has a full engineering staff that is still dedicated to supporting customers with their special applications needs.


Total Valve Systems sets forth our priority on protecting the environment when operating our facility and performing services for the customers.
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